How long do you need to photograph the groom getting ready? / by Chris Buechner

When we photograph the groom getting ready, it usually takes about ½ hour including the finishing touches to their attire, like putting on shirts, ties, cuff-links as well as details like flowers. This is followed by some shots of the groom and the grooms-men all together as well as the family photos.
About half of the weddings we photograph include coverage of the groom getting ready... 


 There are some exceptions with particularly traditional or ethnic weddings, as there are often ceremonies that takes place at the groom's house. For example, a Macedonian wedding sees the groom shaved with blunt axe whilst a Serbian wedding sees the drinking of home-made spirits.

We love to shoot these events and will be sure to stay longer during any of your cultural traditions so we are able to cover everything.
When we don't cover the groom getting ready, we try get to the church a bit earlier to snap some photos of the groom and groomsmen at the church, interacting with guests and family. This will usually go on for about 5 to 10 minutes before the ceremony proceeds.

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