How long do we need for the location photo shoot? / by Chris Buechner

As every location is different we work within the time frame given of the day, each schedule is unique and we can work within that, sometimes we've been given fifteen minutes all the way up to three hours. What we recommend is that if you’re going to different locations you allow one hour per location, this way you can have a drink, relax interact with your bridal party and have some photos taken without dashing around and not enjoying it - you want to enjoy the day. Remember to factor in the traffic, especially if it’s a Friday wedding... 4pm on a Friday is not ideal time to make your way across the Harbour Bridge.

While it is nice to capture all of Sydney’s iconic locations, the location photo shoot is really all about you and your friends rather than capturing every landmark. We recommend the couple take some time out to eat something and relax.

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